Friday, August 14, 2009

Yikes!!! I forgot to post today!

When I woke up this morning my internet was down and so I figured the Universe was working with me to keep me offline and get my words written. Then, when it came back on, I forgot to come and post what I'm reading.

First, word count update: Yesterday, I managed to get 5500 words written! Woo-hoo. It took a toll on my back though and I don't think I can do that too many days in a row. Today...nnn..not so good. I have gotten 1500 written, and I'm sure I'll have 2500 done for the day. But have about 5000 I need to make up from last weekend. Slow and steady, I guess.

As for what I'm reading. I'm still on the Troubleshooter Series - back on track with book 3.

Here's the cover and the blurb from Suzanne Brockmann's website:

Her passion is flying. As one of the best helicopter pilots in the naval reserves, Lieutenant Teri Howe is tough, dedicated, and highly-skilled--until a past mistake surfaces, jeopardizing everything she's worked for.

Rock steady Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok has made a career of solving problems. He willingly comes to Teri's aid, knowing that his personal code of honor--and perhaps his heart--will be at risk. But when a jet carrying an American senator's daughter is hijacked, Stan's unflinching determination and Teri's steadfast courage are put to the ultimate test. The rescue mission will be daring and dangerous. But somewhere between peril and resolution, the line between friends and lovers begins to blur, pushing both their lives over the edge...

HERO: Senior Chief Stan Wolchonok, U.S. Navy SEALs
HEROINE: Lt. (jg) Teresa Howe
LOCATION: San Diego and Kazbekistan (also known as "The Pit.")

I'll be finished with this book tonight and will start on Leslie's "Pitch Black" tomorrow. I hope it's a great weekend for everyone!

Peace and Love,


Paula R said...

Hey Alannah, you made it. I love that you are reading the Suz's series from the beginning...right now there are 15 of them. I don't think I have this one though. I have a lot of them. I am working on the BL right now. I love this series. I am sure that you will meet your goal for the day with the word count. Take care of your back though. See you in the jungle.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Liza said...

Congrats on the word count! I just finished Double Play by Jill Shalvis, which is a very funny and sexy story. I started Frostbite by Richelle Mead today. It is a YA book and the 2nd in her popular Vampire Academy series. Really great series IMO.