Friday, August 7, 2009

What I'm Reading...

Well, I'm still on my Suzanne Brockmann kick but somehow, I got seriously off track with the order. I have no idea how it happened, since I have the list saved to my desktop so that each time I go to Barnes & Noble I know which one is the next one I need to get. But somehow, I skipped 3 books. I guess there was a reason, I tend to believe that things like this happen exactly the way they're supposed to so I'm grateful for the mistake...whatever the reason. LOL

Here's the cover and the blurb about the 6th book in the series, GONE TOO FAR:

In his career as one of America's elite warriors, Lt. Sam Starrett can do no wrong. In his private life, Sam--the king of one-night stands--has done little right. Now, he's waiting for a divorce and determined to stay active in his young daughter's life. But when Sam shows up at the door of his ex-wife's home in Sarasota, Florida, he makes a grisly discovery. His daughter is gone and the body of a brutally murdered woman lies on the floor.

FBI agent Alyssa Locke's relationship with Sam has been overwhelmingly intense and nearly catastrophic, yet it refuses to end. The last time she saw Sam was six months earlier, when they worked together to stop terrorists from assassinating the U.S. President. Much to her dismay, Alyssa is assigned to help with the murder investigation and once again the two are face to face. When explosive information surfaces linking Sam to the still unsolved assassination plot, the stakes are raised. With her reputation hanging in the balance, and her loyalties in question, Alyssa is faced with an impossible dilemma: arrest a man she believes to be innocent, or risk her career.

While Alyssa tries to fight their intense attraction, Sam is determined to heat things up between them once again. And the complex case pushes them both to the wrong side of the law--and on the run to discover the truth. As more agents step into the chase, and with Sam's daughter still unaccounted for, neither Alyssa nor Sam can predict how hot this deadly situation is about to become.

A thrilling novel that ranges back into the days of World War II, into friendships, families, liaisons, betrayals, and the code of honor that binds the U.S. Navy SEALs, Gone Too Far is an electrifying experience in suspense--and a brilliant tale of lives lived on the edge."

It's a great book and I absolutely adore Sam and think Alyssa is totally kick-ass. 2 thumbs up! LOL

I hope it's a great weekend for everyone!!
Peace and Love,


Silver James said...

I'm reading a Harlequin Nocturne, THE HIGHWAYMAN by Michelle Hauf. It a bit different -- he's now immortal from carrying around a demon's shadow acquired during a botched "bridging" (bringing a demon into this world). He finally locates a witch's familiar (a woman who shapeshifts into a cat...or cat who shapeshifts into a woman...hrmmm?) to help him get rid of the demon. However, his whole reason for living is to kill demons and witch's familiars. :D

Alannah Lynne said...

Good morning, Silver! I have a friend who writes paranaormal - I think she actually has something in to Nocturne right now. I always love to hear her talk and brainstorm her stories because I'm always amazed at the creativity it takes to come up with those stories.

Unfortunately, I think I'm too heavily grounded in the "real" world. But I love to read paranormals and, oh how I wish, I could come up with something that cool!

Have a great weekend!

Liza said...

I'm almost finished reading Hunted by PC Cast & Kristin Cast. It is a YA book and it's really good, I just haven't had much time to read this past week. Only have about 10 pages to go before I finish it and start a new book.

Not sure if y'all have seen, but the Louisville, KY library lost about one million in books due to flooding this week. I re-posted Shiloh Walker's blog on my blog trying to get more people to see how to donate. I'm going through books this weekend to box up to send out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alannah Lynne said...

Oh no! Liza, I hadn't heard about that. I've been "unplugged" most of the week, writing between 2500-5000 words a day and I haven't paid attention to much news at all.

I'll go over to your blog and see if I can copy and paste onto Facebook. I'm sure I have some books that I could stand to part with.

Thanks for mentioning it to me. Gee...Guess I should check on my dad since he doesn't live too far from Louisville - on the Ohio side of the Ohio River.

Paula R said...

Hey Alannah, because of your gentle reminders about Suz's books, I picked up The Unsung Hero, The Defiant Hero today...coincidentally, I picked up Gone Too Far as well...I was wondering whenI would read Alyssa Locke's story...thanks...

Right now, I am reading Leslie Parrish's Pitch Black, and I am loving it...I am also reading J.D. Robb's Promises in Death, but I had to put it down so that I could finish PB first...this is one book, I can't put down to read another...

Peace and love,
Paula R.