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"Last Call" - Chapter 1, Part 2

Here's the rest of Chapter One. "Last Call" will be available Tuesday, 10/2!!

Bartender Sunny Black had her head down in the beer chiller, her arm buried to the elbow in ice, when she heard, “Can I get a blowjob, sex on the beach, and a screaming orgasm, please?”

She rolled her eyes and continued to shift bottles in the cooler without responding. She really needed a better system for taking inventory.

The problem?

Bent over like this, her ass stuck straight up in the air, which seemed to be an open invitation for assholes to hit on her by ordering the raunchiest drink names they could think of. Hard to believe these guys thought she hadn’t heard it all before.

She’d been hoping for a quiet night, so she could close up early. But Mr. Hardy-har-har undoubtedly had a posse—jerks always traveled in packs—and they always stayed until last call, using every available minute to get as drunk and obnoxious as possible. She’d be lucky if she got out of here before midnight.

She shifted the Budweisers to the side and resumed counting. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

“Ma’am, did you hear me?”

With her free hand, she pulled the Dum-Dum out of her mouth and licked the sticky from her lips. “Look, Romeo,” she said, tilting her head so her voice carried to him, rather than echoing around the cooler. “I’ll give you five points for a nice, smooth voice. But you lose ten for being a tad overzealous.”

She jammed the sucker back into her mouth and resumed counting. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

“What the hell are you talking…” His voice trailed off, and then roaring laughter settled over her like thick, heavy honey drizzled on a piping hot biscuit.

He seemed genuinely amused, and she grew curious enough about the man behind the laugh to risk an encouraging look. She leaned back and lifted her head so she could see over the bar.

Holy cow. Even while slurping on a saliva-inducing butterscotch sucker, her mouth went bone dry.

The guy’s features were amazing. The Great Sculptor had pressed her thumbs into the flesh of his cheeks, then pulled an upward stroke, leaving behind a slight indention, while at the same time creating high, rugged cheekbones. His square jaw led to a square chin that projected a strong, confident individual. His eyes were like brilliant sapphires, topped by severe dark brows.

His features were sharp, and if not smiling, he would appear harsh, hostile even. But softened by that grin, she found him utterly—and literally—breathtaking.

“I think you misunderstood my request.” His eyes twinkled with amusement.

As a bartender, Sunny met good-looking men on a regular basis. Sometimes they tripped her trigger. Most of the time, they didn't. What she felt now catapulted beyond mild interest and ranked more like an internal explosion capable of launching a rocket.

Her flirting game had been packed away so long she wasn’t sure she still had it. And if so, she doubted she could find all the pieces. But this guy… he made her want to sort through the game drawer and find as much as possible.

The biting sting of ice—in which her arm was still buried to the elbow—cut through the lustful haze, and her muscle jerked involuntarily. She glanced down, trying to remember what she was doing prior to having her motherboard fried.

Inventory. Right.

Her cheeks blazed with the embarrassment of her obvious attraction, and she could only imagine the glow they were putting off. She bit down on the sucker, then tossed the empty stick in the trashcan by her feet. “Sorry for being a smart-ass. Let me finish this and”—she smiled, and searched for a flirty tone—“I’ll take care of you.”

His blue eyes darkened, and his eyelids relaxed. A slow, rakish smile crept across his full lips, causing the tiny cleft in the center of his chin to deepen. “I look forward to that.”

Damn. If they weren’t talking drinks, this would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

When she finished counting the beers, she patted her arm dry and grabbed three shot glasses off the shelf. She sensed him watching her every move, and her skin heated under his scrutiny. He wasn’t excessively tall, maybe six feet, but his presence seemed to dominate her five-foot-four frame.

She wasn’t easily intimidated, but the confidence and power he emanated, combined with the raw sexuality she’d glimpsed a moment ago, made her knees weak.

Just once, I want to have sex with a man like that.

God, how she longed for a wild, tumultuous fling that would knock her world off its axis.

Her bracelets jingled and her mouth watered as she shook the canister of whipped cream. What a waste to put it on the drink when she could squirt it on him… then spend an hour or two slowly and deliberately licking it off.

“What’s your name?” His voice was huskier than it had been before, and when she met his gaze, the sparks radiating from his blue eyes shot liquid fire straight to her crotch.

“Oh, crap. Was I thinking out loud?”

A smile crawled across his mouth, and her heart stopped. “Nope.”

She blew out a breath, then clenched her eyes shut. Even if she hadn’t spoken, she was sure she’d broadcast her thoughts like an idiot. This was why she never flirted. She stunk at it. She opened her eyes and cleared her throat. “Sunny. My name’s Sunny.”

He looked up to the ceiling and said her name a few times, as if trying it on for size. He cocked his head to the side and looked in her eyes. “That’s nice.”

The charged attraction between them made her jittery as hell. Because of her job, she got hit on often, but she rarely took the bait. At least, nothing more than a little harmless bantering here and there. She had little to no experience in playing sexual games, and it was beyond obvious this man was way out of her league.

She topped the blowjob off with a shot of whipped cream, and then, careful not to let the tremble in her fingers show, set the drinks on a small serving tray. “Sorry you have to carry that yourself. During the winter things are slow, so we don’t have wait staff on hand. Well, other than me.”

He grinned and reached into his back pocket for his wallet. “I think I can handle the tray.” He slid a credit card across the counter, letting go of it only after her fingers brushed his. “Can I run a tab?”

Prickles of awareness and desire wrapped around her fingers and danced up her arm. She knew he’d asked, “Can I run a tab?” but her body heard, “Can I run my hands all over you?”

Lord, she could only imagine what it would be like to have him stroking her skin. The pulsating current ripping through her system would probably cause a meltdown. “Sure. You can…” Do anything you like.

Her desire to close up early had evaporated. She’d be more than happy to stick around for as long as he wanted to stay.

She glanced across the bar to where three well-dressed women, two blondes and a brunette, sat. Everyone else in the bar was a local, so they must be the women he’d ordered the drinks for. Sunny made eye contact with the brunette, who, in turn, shot her a what-the-hell-is-taking-so-long glare.

Sunny grinned and cut her eyes to—she glanced at the card in her hand—Gavin McLeod. “You have your hands full with those three.”

Okay, had that sounded like she was on a fishing expedition? She hadn’t meant it that way, but it would be nice if he volunteered some information regarding his relationship with them. They couldn’t all be sisters, could they?

He blew out a harsh breath and pushed his fingers through his thick, black hair. “You have no idea.”

A few rebellious locks broke rank and slipped back over his brow, adding a boyish charm to his otherwise severe profile. The impulse to brush the strands off of his forehead was so strong she had to clench her fists at her sides to resist.

Picking up the drink tray, he said, “I’ll be right back for my drink. A double shot of Crown.” He turned, then stopped and looked back over his shoulder. “Make it a Budweiser, instead.” Sunny didn’t understand the humor behind his drink request, but based on the glint in his eye and the lopsided grin, the thought of drinking a beer amused him.

As he strode across the hardwood floor toward the waiting women, Sunny stood on tiptoes to get a better view of the full package. An off-white, form-fitting shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and hugged thick biceps, while black, tailor-made slacks hung from a trim waist and encased a nice, tight ass.

Yowzer. She snagged a piece of ice from the cooler and swept it down the side of her neck and across the sharp ridge of her collarbone.

“Damn, girlie. Didn’t take much for that fella to get you all hot and bothered.”

Sunny scrunched her eyes shut, hunched her shoulders, and hunkered down her head. She’d been so caught up in Gavin, she hadn’t thought about Joe and Ed sitting at the end of the bar. Those two old geezers never missed a thing, and they’d be milking this cow forever.

She laughed at the mental image she had of Gavin, stripped, lying on the sacrificial altar of her bar, doused in whipped cream. If she were going to get grief for her actions, wouldn’t it be fun to give them something truly amazing to talk about?

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Release Weekend Party with Kallypso Masters!!!

Are you going to party with Kallypso Masters? I know I am!

Just wanted to share that I am participating in the RELEASE WEEKEND PARTY with KALLYPSO MASTERS to celebrate the release of NOBODY'S PERFECT this weekend. I hope you all will stop by and party with us. There are some great authors and prizes so you don't want to miss a thing. Party is from 9-6 CST today but all giveaways are open until Saturday at Midnight CST. Hope everyone has a chance to stop by!

Savannah Gentry, now Savi Baker, escaped the torture and degradation forced upon her by a sadistic father for eleven years and has made a safe life for herself and her daughter. When her father threatens her peace of mind—and her daughter's safety—Savi runs to Damián Orlando for protection. Their one day together eight years earlier changed both their lives and resulted in a secret she can no longer hide. But being with Damián reawakens feelings she wants buried—and stirs up an onslaught of disturbing flashbacks that leave her shaken to the core with little hope of ever being a sexual being again.

Damián has his own dragons to fight, but has never forgotten the one perfect day he spent with Savannah in a cave at the beach. He will go to the ends of the earth to protect Savi and her daughter, but can never be the whole man she deserves after a firefight in Iraq. Besides, the trauma of war and resulting PTSD has led him to find his place as the Masters at Arms Club's favorite sadist. Savi needs someone gentle and loving, not the broken man he has become. But he sees that the lifestyle he's come to embrace also can help Savi regain control of her life and sexuality. How can he not help redirect her negative thoughts and actions if she needs him?

If you like the sound of this one, make sure to start at the beginning. These books MUST be read in order. They really are just one big continuous story. Here is your reading order...

Masters at Arms if FREE on Amazon

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I hope you have a fabulous day today! Enjoy the party!!!

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LAST CALL will release on October 2nd!!

Here's a brief introduction to Gavin. Next week, you'll get to meet Sunny.

Chapter One

Gavin McLeod turned into the Blackout Bar and Grill’s gravel parking lot, whipped his SUV into the first available parking space, and slammed the shifter into park. The vehicle was still rocking from the abrupt stop when he shoved the door open and stepped out into the crisp evening air.

His chest expanded as he drew the heavy salt air into his lungs, then let the explosive tension trapped in his head and neck escape on a sharp exhale. The hour-long drive from Myrtle Beach to Anticue would have been a relaxing trip, had it not been filled with constant chatter and relentless questions from his three female companions. Finally free of the confining vehicle, he took a moment to let the peaceful calm of Anticue Island seep into every cell of his body.

He hadn’t been to the island in… Damn, had it really been fifteen years? The Blackout Bar and Grill was a new addition, and the old fishing pier next door was closed. But other than that, nothing about the island seemed to have changed.

The back doors of the SUV opened, and two-thirds of the troublesome trio climbed out. Their four-inch spiked heels dug into the loose, sandy gravel, pitching them off-kilter, sending them to and fro. Too far away to grab either of them, Gavin held his breath and hoped for the best. Each girl put a hand to the side of the vehicle to gain her balance, then used the car as a handrail as they made their way to the ballast-stone sidewalk.

The other one-third of his problem—which accounted for two-thirds of his headache—remained in the passenger seat. If this were a date, he would open the door and help her from the car like the gentleman his grandfather raised him to be. If it were a platonic, non-forced date with a friend, he still would help her from the car.

But this wasn’t a date. And he’d be damned if he’d do anything to give the impression he was okay with Max and Callie’s plan of manipulating him into pretending it was. In fact, Gavin was so annoyed with Max, he was thinking of demanding an increase in his profit sharing to cover his escort fee.

He stepped in front of the car, slipped his hands into his front pockets, and waited. He would prefer to walk away and leave her sulking, but he couldn’t hit the lock button on the key fob until she gave up her petulance and opened the damned door.

As Jen and Tiffany teetered along the uneven stepping-stones leading to the bar’s side entrance, he took in the details of the building and surrounding property. Weathered clapboard siding hung like sagging skin on a decrepit skeleton, but bright, lime-green trim gave the place a shot of vibrant color, which made the battered siding seem less tired.

Wrought iron benches, brightly painted Adirondack chairs, and copper yard ornaments created a profusion of color along the sidewalk. Hand-painted price tags hung from each piece, letting visitors know they, too, could have a bit of Anticue in their own backyard.

A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as his gaze settled on a copper windmill. His grandfather would love the controlled chaos created by the bright colors and whimsical atmosphere of the Blackout. He would especially love that windmill.

The stone sidewalk continued past the side entrance to a front patio and balcony that overlooked the beach. During summer months, the pink, blue, and teal tables would be filled to capacity, but on this early May evening, they sat empty.

His gaze shifted to the deserted fishing pier next door, and his smile faded. He and his grandfather had spent many days tossing hooks there, and heavy sadness filled his chest at seeing it abandoned and left to the mercy of the beach’s harsh elements.

Tired of waiting, he peered at Callie through the windshield and cocked an eyebrow, his message loud and clear. Are you coming or not? When she stuck her lip out even further and crossed her arms, he gave her a suit-yourself shrug and turned toward the entrance.

From the corner of his eye, he saw her shoulders slump in defeat. She grabbed her purse from the floor of the SUV, pulled the lever to release the door, and shoved against it with a huff. “A gentleman would have opened the door for me.”

Gavin smiled and kept walking. Maybe if he turned into a first-rate asshole, he’d finally drop off Callie’s radar. God knows, reasoning with her hadn’t worked. Neither had the direct approach: I’m. Not. Interested.

All she’d ever seen was his refined business persona. She had no idea the real Gavin, buried beneath the expensive Italian suits, even existed. Maybe knocking some of the polish off his redneck would be the answer to getting her to drop her obsession.

Her friends were perched on wooden chairs at a high pub table, looking around expectantly for a waiter. Out of the ten or twelve people scattered around the bar, none looked too interested in jumping to meet the girls’ demands.

The front wall that faced the beach was actually two large doors that could be rolled out of the way to create one large space between the inside and outside deck. At the back of the room sat the L-shaped service bar. One end stopped short of the kitchen entrance, while the other hooked back to the wall. Two older salts sat on barstools at the hooked end, sipping their beers and talking.

One side of the room held a pool table, while a jukebox sat in the middle of the building, wedged against the center support beam. The rest of the area was filled with an assortment of pub and picnic tables. The whimsical outdoor atmosphere carried over to the interior, with brightly painted walls decorated in copper sculptures and stained-glass pieces.

Gavin had wondered why Max would send him to this little bar on an out-of-the-way island, but now he understood the reason for the trip. Max had done this before when he wanted Gavin’s opinion on a location. Without giving him any details, he’d send him to “check it out.” Gavin would report back with his impression, and, if the two men agreed the place held a unique appeal, they’d mimic its style in one of Holden’s resort properties.

This place definitely had a unique appeal.

Had he made the trip alone, he could have a lot of fun roaming around, checking out the artwork, listening to the locals. But he wasn’t alone, so he might as well find out what Callie and her friends wanted to drink, hook ‘em up, then leave them to get sloshed while he wandered around and soaked up the details.

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Savin' Me - Scene 6 (Chapter 3, Part 2) on Wattpad

Good morning!!!

I wanted to let you know I've posted Scene 6 (Chapter 3, Part 2) of SAVIN' ME on Wattpad. The next scene will post Saturday morning. I have to edit the copy so that it's suitable for younger audiences (Wattpad has a HUGE teen audience), so just be aware of that as you're reading.

Tomorrow, I'll post the opening scene of LAST CALL (here), and on Friday, I'll have the details of a special release party that I'm participating in for Kallypso Masters' much-anticipated NOBODY'S PERFECT!! I'm so excited for this book to be out!

Have a great Happy Hump Day!!