Monday, April 29, 2013

Romantic Times Here I Come!!

I'm off on a great adventure!!!

I've really wanted the chance to connect with my readers, and this week I'm going to get it!! On Tuesday night, while passing through Tennessee, I get to attend the book club meeting of a group of my street team members! Then, I'm on to the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City, MO. Along with visiting with friends at the convention, I'll be taking part in a book signing on Saturday with 30 other authors (see the promo card below for details).

And the best part of all is that I get to take this great adventure with my husband!! I'll be posting pictures on Facebook, and if I have the chance, I'll post a few here. If you're in Kansas City, please get with me either here or on Facebook and let me know! And if you have a chance, swing by the book signing and say hello!

Have a great week!!

Peace and love,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Class reunions... do you go?

I spent the past weekend in Danville, Virginia attending my husband's class reunion. He went to school at Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, VA, but as it turns out, there's not much in Chatham other than the school, so we did a lot of driving back and forth between the towns.

He hadn't been back since he graduated in '88. He thoroughly enjoyed seeing his old classmates - most of which he hadn't seen since '88 - but he was saddened by the state of disrepair the school had fallen into, as well as the lack of discipline in general. Several of the alumni tried to prepare him, but he was still shocked by what we found.

Apparently, back in the day, they kept the floors so clean you could eat off them. Literally. They scrubbed the corners to get all the dirt out of them, put down bowling alley wax, and buffed the floors. The buffing pads were old and worn out, so they would put the smallest guy on top of the buffer to add weight, so they could get it done faster. Based on the stories I heard, they only had a few minor injuries... and if anyone did fall off and spill blood, they had to clean it up themselves. :D

Let me tell ya... ain't no one eating off those floors now! However, they apparently eat a lot in the stairwells, because there were food wrappers all over the place, as well as crushed chips and pretzels on the floor. And it was more than just a day's worth of crud. I was completely baffled. Even if that's the way the floors normally are, wouldn't you think they would've cleaned them up for THIS weekend? It was Homecoming! It's when people like my husband go back, filled with pride and love for the school that set them on the straight and narrow road, rather than the back-alley of a life some of them (like my hubby) were headed toward.

No one was filled with pride. Every single person we talked to said they wouldn't send their kid there now. I spoke with a man who graduated in '78 (he's the one that reminded me of my uncle that I talked about on Facebook), and he gave a few of the TACs hell about the state of barracks. There was a looooong thread on the school's facebook page last night, hundreds of comments from alumni who were upset and saddened by the state of affairs.

Hubs said he'll go back in five years to visit with friends, but he won't go every year (something we could do, now that he's retired). He's glad we went, but it was also bittersweet in a lot of ways.

What about you? Do you go to your class reunions? Are they all you'd hoped/expected?

I'm headed to Myrtle Beach this afternoon for a 36 hour writing sprint. I'm so far behind on the new series that I have to do something to try and get caught back up and get on track. I don't know if I'll have internet access or not, but I'll reply to comments as soon as I get back on Wed. night (if not before).

Have a great week!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bianca Sommerland Is In The House!!!!

Hey everyone! Please give a big, warm welcome to Bianca Sommerland!! She has a brand new book - OFFSIDE - and based on the excerpt, and a special insider's interview that I got to do with Lorenzo Keane, I can't wait to read it!!!


Single mother and submissive Rebecca Bower abandoned her career as a sports reporter to become a media consultant with her brother’s hockey team. A failed marriage to a selfish man makes her wary of getting involved with another. Unfortunately, chemistry is hard to deny, and all her hormones are dancing when she gets close to the Cobra’s sniper, Scott Demyan.

Zachary Pearce ‘came out’ to the world last season to shift attention away from a teammate. And his one night with Scott Demyan had been unsettling. There could be more there, if only Scott was a different person. Instead, a night of sensual BDSM play with Becky leaves him wanting more, but she thinks he’s gay and questions his interest. It’s been a long time since a woman has attracted him both as a man and a Dom, and he’ll do everything in his power to prove she’s the only one he needs. Or wants. His one time with Scott was a mistake.

Scott might have forgotten what happened in his childhood, but the effects linger, and he specializes in drunken one-night stands…until he meets Zach and Becky and sees what he’s missing. But neither one believes Scott can be faithful. Although he’s trying hard to clean up his act to avoid getting kicked off the team, they want more from him. He’s willing to make changes, but the most important one—putting their happiness before his own—means he’ll probably end up alone.


Scott rapped his knuckled on the door to the owner’s office. This was it. Time to face the man who would decide where his life went from here.

"Come in."

Stepping into the office, Scott glanced around, taking note of the classy setup. The owner’s desk was huge. There were three leather chairs set in front of the large, gleaming mahogany structure. Black and white portraits of hockey greats covered the walls. The man knew the game. Had a passion for it if the pictures with him and Roy, and Lemieux, and Richard were anything to go on. But that wasn’t what filled Scott with dread. He looked over the tabloids spread across the man’s desk. Pictures of Scott, drunk, half-naked, none of the headlines flattering. Scott stared at them as the man stood and leaned across the desk, offering his hand.

"Lorenzo Piers Keane. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Demyan."

Yeah, Right.

"Scott." With the shit he was about to get into with the man, informal would be good. He swallowed, tearing his gaze away from the papers.

I’m fucked.

He shook the man’s hand, then dropped into the chair behind him. "Umm . . ."

"Yes. Umm." Keane sat, then rested his elbows on the desk and steepled his fingers. He wore a simple, black Italian suit, tailored to fit his tall, trim frame. A bit of grey streaked through the brown hair along his temples. His dark brown eyes assessed Scott for several excruciatingly long moments before he let out a heavy sigh. "Scott, your stats make you worth every penny we’re paying you, but this . . ." He motioned toward the papers. "The team cannot afford your reputation." His lips curled slightly with disgust. "I have to admit, the charges of statutory rape concerned me the most. I considered sending you to the farm team on waivers without—"

"There were no charges!" Scott shoved his chair back, rage sizzling through his veins as he grabbed the tabloid with a huge picture of him making out with a girl whose face was blurred out. A smaller one of her slipping underneath the table. The last of them heading for the men’s room. "She was seventeen. We met at a bar and she had ID. I was set up!"

"Set up?" Keane arched a brow, his expression showing mild interest. "How so?"

"A reporter paid her to come on to me, then made a big deal about it. Believe me, she didn’t look like a kid. You know so much?" Scott jerked his thumb at the papers. "You’ve gotta know Hayley Turner is gunning for the team because she thinks Silver fucked her husband. Everyone knows that."

"More than one media outlet covered the incident."

Yeah, Becky had picked it up from some "source" for a behind the scenes sports special. News was slow. He guessed she had to give them something. But it pissed him off that she had to make him look like a goddamn cradle robber to get ahead.

"What can I say, I’m fucking fascinating." Scott ran his tongue over his teeth, lowering back into his seat as he caught the way Keane’s eyes narrowed. He wasn’t making himself look any better to the man. He rolled his shoulders. "Look. Don’t think I don’t understand where you’re coming from. I need to smarten up. But some of this stuff isn’t as fucked up as it looks. They—"

"Ah, the infamous ‘they.’" Keane let out a tight laugh. "I have teenage daughters, twins—which you seem to enjoy." He picked up another newspaper which showed Scott in a limo with a pair of hot redheads. After crumpling the papers in his hand, he tossed it aside. "But I won’t let my personal bias affect my decision. Especially since you feel targeted by the press. Let me see . . ." He tapped a colored photo of Scott and cocked his head slightly. "Please explain to me how the media managed to get you drunk and onstage at a strip club. Did someone forcibly remove your clothing?"

Scott winced. He’d forgotten about that night. He’d been pretty wasted. "No. That was just me being an idiot."

"I see. And the brawl you were involved in at a . . . karaoke bar? Let me guess. You planned to sing professionally once you’d destroyed your career as a professional hockey player, and some asshole told you not to quit your day job."

"No. I just got drunk and—"

"Stupid. Yes, that seems to happen a lot with you. And the street racing—which there were charges for." Keane flipped open a folder. "According to your file, you spent several days in jail."

"I was sober." Scott’s jaw tensed. "I don’t drive drunk."

"Commendable, but that doesn’t change the fact that you seem to have an alcohol problem. I trust you weren’t sober when you went streaking in downtown Montreal?"

"Actually . . ." Okay, it was really hard not to laugh at that one. Middle of winter, he and a few of the guys had been hanging out with the Habs. The Cobras had a friendly rivalry with the Canadiens. Some French guy had dared Scott to a race down Saint Catherine. Naked.

He never turned down a dare.

Keane shook his head, flattening his hands on the desk. "Scott, I could tolerate these antics from a rookie, do my best to take him in hand. But you’ve been in the league for ten years. You’ve proved to be immature and, frankly, unstable. If it was limited to your actions in public, I would consider giving you a chance to improve your image. Unfortunately, your behavior on the ice is no better. You instigate fights with your own teammates. The amount of penalty minutes you racked up last year is unacceptable. And I’ve never heard of a professional athlete calling in ‘sick’ as often as you have. The only reason I haven’t already traded you is because Silver Delgado made the choice to sign you, and she’s done so much for the team, I can’t believe she would have done that without a good reason."

The situation looked pretty damn hopeless. There was no point in lying to the guy. Scott slumped in his chair. "She didn’t know much about the game when she signed me. She was told I was good on the ice and figured I’d help change the team’s image. Bring in the younger crowd."

"You have. But so have other men on the team, and they’ve done so without it reflecting negatively on the whole organization."

Right. Time to go home and pack. Scott rubbed his hands over his face. "What can I say? I’m willing to change, but the way you’re talking, it’s too late."

Keane stood, pushed his chair back, and gathered all the newspapers into a neat pile. He reached down, picked up the trash can from under his desk, and set it in front of Scott with a sharp clink. Then he stuffed all the papers into the stainless steel bin.

"Give me one good reason to let you stay."

Lips parted, mouth dry, Scott gaped up at the man. Why even give him a shot? Why risk millions on someone who could potentially bring the whole team down?

Why question it, man? Give him a reason!

Scott swallowed and lunged to his feet, speaking in a rush. "I already told my image consultant I’d do anything he asked me to. Change my attitude, my clothes, my whole life if it means I can be a Cobra. I want to be with this team when they make the Cup. I want to retire with this team. I’ll take a pay cut if it means I can stay. Just tell me what I have to do and I’ll do it!"

"Why? Why does it matter so much? There are other teams that would have you."

"Because . . ." He frowned, searching for the truth. And then he found it. "Silver believed in me. She took a lot of flack for it, but she stood by her decision. I need to prove to her that it wasn’t a mistake. That everyone was wrong about me."

Slapping his hands on the desk, Keane smiled. "That is exactly what I needed to hear. I need to know you have solid motivations to make all these changes. Following your IC’s advice will go a long way in convincing me to offer you a contract. The season doesn’t start for months. I want to see your face in more papers, but I want every article to express what a positive addition you’ve become to the team. I don’t care if you’re kissing babies or setting fashion trends. You will be a man young boys can look up to. Let the other teams hate you. I don’t give a shit how much you chirp on the ice. But your fans, your teammates . . ." He took a deep breath. "They will love you. I won’t accept any less."

To find out more about Bianca, swing by her website, or join her on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads. Pick up your copy of OFFSIDE at Amazon!!!

Here's a special Insider Interview with Lorenzo:
Stepping into the café, Alannah glanced around, smiling as she spotted Lorenzo Piers Keane sitting at a table by the window. He already had a large, steaming mug of coffee set at the empty spot in front of him, which meant she didn’t have to get in the long line to order one. As she approached, he stood and held out his hand.

A nice firm grip, warm as his dark brown eyes. In every picture of him that she’d seen, he wore nicely tailored suits that made him look very professional, but a little unapproachable. But he was wearing dark blue jeans and a black shirt with the first few buttons undone. Something about his presence was still a little intimidating, but his smile made it easy to sit across from him and prepare for the interview.

“I must say,” Keane leaned back in his chair, meeting her eyes, a twinkle of amusement in them as she fumbled with her recorder. “I’m pleased that they chose you for the interview.”

“You are?” Alannah’s brow furrowed. She was happy to have gotten the interview with him, but what made her so special? Maybe she should make a few things clear. Her stomach fluttered as her gaze shifted from his steady one. He was gorgeous, in a Piers Brosnan kind of way, smooth and incredibly sexy with no effort at all, aging in such a way that even young women would swoon at the curve of his lips.

But she was married. To a wonderful man.

She opened her mouth to tell him so, just in case he was interested. Which she’d really really want him to be if she was single.

Only, she wasn’t.

“No need to look so flustered.” Keane bent forward, steepling his hands on the table. “I agreed because you’re married, with two sons, nicely settled and not on the prowl. I prefer to keep business and pleasure separate.”

“So do I.” Alannah nibbled at her bottom lip. “You looked me up?”

“I like to know who I’m dealing with. I’m sure you have some information on me?” He nodded at the voice recorder. “And will have much more shortly.”

“True.” She wasn’t sure how to feel about being chosen because she was unavailable, but at least it kept things simple. “Shall we get started?”

“Yes. Let’s.” He cocked his head. “To avoid any discomfort, are all these questions yours, or are some from those who enjoy your blog posts?”

“All of them are—I mean, none of them are really mine. I just wanted to make sure the readers get to learn more about you.” She flushed, glancing at the notes on her phone. Some of the questions were very personal. “I wouldn’t ask most of these questions.”

“Indeed. I’ll keep that in mind.” He winked, then inclined his head. “Start with the easiest one. I don’t bite and I’m used to being grilled, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about what you will ask.”

She licked her bottom lip, a little imp shooting up inside her as she spoke. “You don’t bite? Ever?”

“Now that question is yours.” He laughed at her sheepish smile. “I do many things with my mouth, Alannah. Would you like details or would you prefer to move on to the next question?”
Details! Alannah shook her head, stuffing the imp into a little mental safe before dropping it into the deepest ravine in her subconscious. She glanced down at the first question. “What are your future plans for the team?”

“Right now, the priority is making sure the team remains competitive. I’m a businessman and I own several companies around the world that are thriving. Not all of them were before I got involved. I’m sure I can use my skills to clear the constant risk of this team folding. With how closely the Delgado family is tied to the team, I believe that risk affects the performance of the team. I’m here to change that.”

“That sounds good. I’d like to see the team around for years to come.” Alannah frowned at the next question. “I’m going to apologize for this one in advance. Was bringing Sahara to the Ice Girls strictly business or is there a personal motivation?”

“Strictly business.” Keane’s expression didn’t change. He looked exactly the same as when he’d discussed his companies and the team.

Alannah’s heart sank. Poor Sahara. “But you knew her boyfriend was abusing her?”

Keane’s eyes narrowed. His jaw ticked. “Yes. She’s a lovely young woman and I did know she was being treated badly. It was fortunate she fit so well in my plans for the Ice Girls. Much like the team, she was being mismanaged.”

“Ah . . .” Alannah wasn’t sure what to say to that. So she moved on to the next question. “Do you share the majority of the team's predilection for kink?”

“I do. I also love the game, so I can relate to the men on many levels. I think the love of the game is the most important thing though. I wouldn’t want talented men to avoid the team because they believe participating in the lifestyle is a prerequisite. It may have seemed so before, but I’ve made it clear that talent is the priority.”

“I can agree with that, but it seemed like Dean Richter—the team general manager—wants to give the men something beyond the game to bring them together. Considering that, how do you interact with Dean and Silver as co-owners of the team?”

“Mr. Richter and I get along quite well. We both work towards the best interest of the team.” He shook his head, giving her a wry smile. “How things will go once Miss Delgado becomes involved, I can’t say. Hopefully she’ll be able to curb her impulses. I do enjoy a challenge though, so I’m looking forward to seeing what she will bring to the table. I’ve never had business partners quite like either Mr. Richter or Miss Delgado, but they both made steps to bringing the team out of the black and I’m very happy to have a chance to see what I can add to their efforts.”

“Another personal one. How kinky are you?”

He chuckled, lifting his mug and taking a slow sip. “Kinky enough that if I had a sub, and had to come to a café to get my coffee, rather than have it served to me by her in all her naked glory, someone would have a very sore bottom by the end of the night.” He nodded, seeming to read Alannah’s frown. “I can see you disapprove. Let me put it this way. I enjoy being served by a submissive that craves doing acts that will please me. It has to be a balance between her needs and mine. If the balance isn’t there, if she does it because she thinks she has to, rather than because she wants to, then it feels like something is missing. I am very clear with my expectations, but I insist that they match the needs of my submissive.”

“Okay, that’s fair. I could see myself serving a man hand and foot and getting off on it, but if someone’s happy doing it, if it fulfills her.” Alannah cocked her head. Then laughed. “Yep, not sure I can relate, but each to their own.”


“Are you looking for a new submissive?”

“Yes and no. Right now, I’m so busy I’m not sure I’d have the time to devote to training a new sub. But I play with several at the club who have potential. I’m not in a rush, so spending time with those whose needs match mine suits me just fine. If it develops into something more, then good. If not, we found pleasure in the scene or scenes.”

“Do you like to Dominate men, women or do you like a bit of both?”

“Women. I trained with men when I started, but never felt any attraction.” He grinned. “I know some believe any person could find love in the same sex if they meet the right person, but I’m not one of those. I believe some have an untapped inclination which leaves them open to the possibility, and that’s fine, but I’m very aware of who I am and would know if the possibility was there. It’s not. And at my age, that’s not going to change.”

“In your next relationship you have is there anything you would do differently from before?”

“No, I don’t think so. My needs didn’t change, those of my slave did. She was a beautiful, loving woman, but our relationship wasn’t giving her the fulfilment it once had. She moved on and I wish her the best in her new vanilla life.” His brow furrowed slightly. He shook his head. “Wait. Perhaps there is one thing I would change. I would be more aware of whether my sub was just going through the motions. Falling into a routine. Doing whatever she could just to make me happy because she liked the lifestyle I could provide financially. Not that I’m saying that’s how my sub was, of course.” His broad smile seemed perfect for the flash of a camera. “She was young when we got together. I believe, in part, she was afraid to step out of the comfortable cocoon of the life we’d built together. I made things too easy for her. If you can get everything you want by behaving a certain way, why would you do anything else? ‘Yes, Sir’ may sound good to a Dom, but when that’s all you hear . . . I want a sub, but I also want a strong woman who can speak her mind. Back to their being balance. We’d lost ours.”

“So you want a service sub, but one who’s not in that role all the time?”

“To simplify? Yes.” He shrugged. “It’s difficult to see how a relationship will work until you’re in it. I’m willing to adapt if I find someone worth doing so for. Perhaps I’m a romantic at heart. I believe in true love. And there’s not much I won’t do for a woman if that love is real. But I also believe for love to work, people need to . . . click. Not just physically, but into one another’s lives. I don’t play at the lifestyle. I live it. Whomever I fall in love with will likely live it as well.”

“Complete change of subject.” Alannah laughed, happy to be past the personal stuff. “Do you feel that Scott has redeemed his image with all his hard work?”

“Absolutely.” Keane eased back into his chair, grinning. “I wasn’t expecting much, but he’s impressed me. Only his stats made me inclined to give him a chance, but now I’m eager to see how far he’ll go. He’s a remarkable young man, and quite frankly, if I had a son, I could see him being much like Scott. That drive on and off the ice is remarkable. He’s overcome so much and I must admit, I’m proud of him.”

“If you could work with a pro hockey player past or present as either a coach or player who would it be.”

“Oh, definitely Ken Dryden. He’s such an intelligent man I could see myself relating to him well on and off the ice in any position. He’s always known what he’s wanted and fought hard to get there. I want that—no, I expect that—from all of our players. One day they will all have to hang up their jerseys and realize life goes on. I want to see them all do well. On the ice. And in the future.”
* * * *

There is one giveaway each day of her blog tour, as well as a Kindle as a grand prize at the end. All you have to do is leave a comment (with an email addy so we can find you if you win), and log your comment on the Rafflecopter! Come back tomorrow for the interview I did with Lorenzo Keane (YUM!!) :-)

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Ack... Is it Monday yet?! :D

Well, I blew it this week!!! Not only did I not get the blog posted on Monday, but I also didn't draw the winners from the March contest. I'm taking care of all of that right now!

Rather than try to find something witty to talk about, I'm going to give you an update on all of the wild and crazy things that are happening right now (which is part of the reason I forgot to post on Monday).

Over the weekend, I decided to head to Kansas City, MO for the Annual RT Convention... sort of. I hope to attend 1 day of RT (it's my understanding there are day passes available), but my real reason for going is to participate in a group author signing at a downtown location on Saturday. There will be a shuttle that runs from the RT hotel to the signing hotel, we'll have lots of gifts and raffles, and 30-40 authors signing!! I'll get you more specific details as I have them.

On my way to MO, I'm stopping in Tennessee and attending a book club meeting with several of the ladies on my street team - I'm soooo excited to meet them and attend their meeting. They always seem to have such a great time, and I'm thrilled I get to attend!

I'll also be attending Lori Foster's Reader/Author Get Together the first weekend of June!! It's my first time going, and I'm so excited to meet so many of my online friends there!

I'll also be at the RWA conference in Atlanta in July, and I'm trying to work it out to attend Authors After Dark in August.

On the book front:

*All three Heat Wave books are in print now, and are available at Amazon, B&N, and The Book Depository (for my overseas friends).

*The box set of the first three Heat Wave books is available almost everywhere - iTunes is still in the approval stage.

*The audio production for Savin' Me is under way and should be finished by the end of May.

*The first chapter of the new spin off series is almost complete - it will be finished by the time I go to bed tonight.

I'll be touching base with the list of March winners this evening and tomorrow!!

Have a great rest of the week! I'll try to be better next Monday, and on April 15th, we'll have a special guest blogger!!!

Peace and love,