Thursday, March 12, 2009

Seeing Red instead of Purple

A few weeks ago I had someone do something to me that wasn't very nice. It was a betrayal of sorts and before I had the full explanation I shared what had happened with Cara and Luanna.

Well, they were both angry on my behalf and this was Cara's response:

"I hope they stew in the agonizing, boiling hot juices of guilt that seeped out of their insidious act. And I'd let them simmer there for a bit before picking them up and letting them grovel for your forgiveness."

And this was Lu's

"I hope they feel lower than shit on a snakes belly. And they’d better apologize whilst groveling at your feet. IMO."

If I ever go into battle, I want these two at my back!!!

So, anyone do anything to hurt or anger you lately? Feel free to vent those hurts and frustrations here. Get it all out. Make it just as Purple Red as you can.

Then let take a deep breath, let it go and refuse to give another ounce of your power or energy to them or the situation.

Have a fantastic day!!!
Peace and Love,


Silver James said...

I am so angry at the moment that I can barely think much less type. Each movement of my fingers is made deliberately and with great care. I would dearly love to let loose with a string of prose but I have devolved to the point that the f-bomb would be the only coherent word coming out of my mouth. I am going to breathe deeply. I am going to try to let go. And then I'm going to cuss a blue streak and go postal.

Have a nice day. ;P

(Kidding about going postal. Sort of... *wink*)

Alannah Lynne said...

Oh my, Silver, hope things have settled down for you. I could feel the elevated blood pressure through the wires.

Please feel free to vent, that's what seeing red is all about. But I truly hope everything has settled down and you're feeling better.

Sending hugs, alcohol and fat-free chocolate!!!!