Friday, November 12, 2010

What I'm About to Read

Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter Series

I've been avoiding this, because the last thing I need is to get hooked on another series. But, Tricia "Pickyme" Schmitt has gotten me hooked with her character portraits (and I haven't even read the first book!). I'm finally caving in and going to start with this series.

Have you read it? Which is the first book? The website was a little confusing when I went to the reading order (there were boxed sets and related books, and I just want to make sure I start with the first one).

Have a fantastic weekend!!!
Peace and love,


Silver James said...

The first book is FANTASY LOVER. Here's the link that has them in order:

I read them for a long time and The Only loved them, too. At some point, I lost track and just never went back to catch up. Too many other books vied for my attention, plus my own writing career. I enjoyed them a lot! (Some more than others but all are worth reading!)

Liza said...

I love the Dark-Hunter series. They actually have them listed in order on her website and in most of the later books. I just read the last book(got from the library) and really loved it. When I started there were about 15 out and I read all the books in the series in about 5 weeks.

Alannah Lynne said...

Thanks!! I thought Fantasy Lover was the first, but then I got confused by one called "The Beginning" (I think that's right, and I wasn't sure.

Thanks for the links!!

Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!!

Michelle said...

The Dark Hunter series is awesome! It's a great mix of vampires, shapeshifters, mythology and Atlantean myths. I've read them all (I think, with the exception of one of the spin-off series)and while some are better than others, the series as a whole is great. :-)

I'm trying to find time to read some of the other books/series she and others have suggested.

pickyme said...

Evil Grin... :P You will LOVE!