Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food For Thought...

"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome."

Samuel Johnson
1709-1784, Essayist, Biographer and Poet

Peace and love,


Silver James said...

Oh, man! That's so very, very true! Thanks for the motivation today. I needed it. :D

Silver James said...

FYI, Dudette! I voted for you in the next round of Rising Star! Why are you not shouting from the rooftops that you've moved on to the next round????!!!!!

Alannah Lynne said...

Well...I did blast it all over Facebook yesterday - on both my personal page and my official author page. And I tweeted about it. LOL

I have the link on my website, in two places. I think the only place I didn't mention it was here.

Guess I need to do that!! :)

Later on this week, I'm going to have a special guest (I think, we're having some technical difficulties in me getting her blog) and I'll be talking about it in more detail then.

Thank you, so much, for the vote!!!!

Silver James said...

Cool beans! I tend to avoid facebook and I haven't had twitter open since before the election. I got too pissed off. LOL I hate politics and tend to disagree with the people who shout theirs all over the internet. As a result, I take a break. I had one acquaintance in the depth of despair because the Republicans took over the House.

So anyway...CONGRATS! I'm very proud of you and LAST CALL! (Gee, but I REALLY love that title! LOLOL)

Alannah Lynne said...

It is an AWESOME title, isn't it? It must have been a brilliant and amazing woman who came up with it!!!

I agree 100% on the politics. I overlooked all of those comments on FB myself. I'm on FB more often the Twitter (mostly because I forget about Twitter), but I know what you mean about them sometimes getting out of control.