Thursday, September 23, 2010

Duke Day

Hubby had his MRI about 3 weeks ago (because he was having seizures and really not feeling well they bumped it up ahead of schedule), so we already know everything should be okay with this appointment.

But...prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated anyway if you can spare them. :) I know they won't hurt.

I'll give you guys an update when I get back this evening.

Until then, I'll leave with another day of humor.


A blond City girl named Amy marries a Colorado rancher.

One morning, on his way out to check on the cows, the rancher says to Amy, "The insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows today, so I drove a nail into the 2 by 4 just above where the cow's stall is in the barn. Please show him where the cow is when he gets here, OK?"

The rancher leaves for the fields. After a while, the artificial insemination man arrives and knocks on the front door.

Amy takes him down to the barn. They walk along the row of cows and when Amy sees the nail, she tells him, "This is the one right here."

The man, assuming he is dealing with an air head blonde, asks, "Tell me lady, 'cause I'm dying to know; how would YOU know that this is the right cow to be bred?"

"That's simple," she said. "By the nail that's over its stall," she explains very confidently.

Laughing rudely at her, the man says, "And what, pray tell, is the nail for?"

The blonde turns to walk away and says sweetly over her shoulder, "I guess it's to hang your pants on."

(It's nice to see a blonde winning once in awhile.)

Have a great day!!!
Peace and Love,


Janet said...

Thoughts and prayers winging your way! Hope everything goes well, Alannah.

Haven't been over for a while - love the new header on the blog :)

Lu said...

Positive thoughts coming your way.

Liza said...

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.

Alannah Lynne said...

Doctor said MRI looks fantastic! YAY!! We're waiting for the seizure specialist now, just to do some tweaking on the meds, and then we'll be off to have lunch with Son #1.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, everyone!!

Janet - glad to see you. I just go the new header and website yesterday. :) Good timing!

Have a great afternoon everyone!!