Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day In The Life....

Today, I thought I'd share a story (or two) about my uncle. I tried to load a picture I had taken yesterday, but apparently Blogger doesn't want you to see it.

If we're FB friends, you might have already seen the first one. The second, I probably should tell - or admit that he's my uncle - but I'm going to anyway. LOL

We were watching the news the other night and they were talking about the terrible drug war in Mexico. From out of the corner of the room, I hear, "Your Uncle Larry spent a night in a Mexican jail once."

I whip my head around so I'm facing him and said, "No, you didn't?"

My mom (his sister) and his wife start nodding their heads and he's grinning from ear to ear. "Yeah, I did."


"hehehe...for cheering for the bull. We damn near started a riot."

Today, I found out he also spent a weekend in a county jail in Kentucky. Believe it or not, my uncle spent years and years and years in law enforcement. LOL But this was back when he was young and really stupid.

He got caught driving under the influence on his way back to Fort Knox. They threw him in the county jail early one Saturday morning. And he didn't see anyone again until Monday morning!! Whoever was supposed to come in and feed him over the weekend, never showed. LMAO

Needless to say, the judge let him go and squared everything with his commanding officer at Fort Knox to get the AWOL charges dropped too.

All day, every day, is one story after another like that. That's why I always have my tape recorder at the ready. You never know when a gem of a story is going to get told.

Have a great day!!
Peace and love,


Liza said...

Such fun stories. I really wish I had recorded some of the stories from my Pawpaw(mom's dad) and Motmomma(dad's mom). They had the best stories, but never thought about recording them.

Alannah Lynne said...

I only started recording because of the romantic suspense he's been helping me write.

I knew it was a possibility he'd be gone before I got the series finished (although I never really believd it), and I wanted to be sure and have everything recorded so I could go back and listen again if I had questions.

It only took me about 15 minutes to realize the value added benefits of having tons of stories recorded.

He sort of makes me think of Silver - she has the most amazing life experiences and awesome stories to tell. They both make me want to go out and experience life to the fullest.

I'll skip the jails, though!!! LOL

Silver James said...

Okay. I'm blushing here! However, when was your uncle at Ft. Knox? Lawyer Guy was TDS (Trial Defense Service) with the JAG office back in the 80's. He helped a bunch of troops with those pesky DUI charges from the civilians. :D

Alannah Lynne said...

Uncle Larry was there waaaaayyy before the 80's. LOL More like the late 60's.

But I'm sure Lawyer Guy stayed busy bailing out the DUI's. LOL