Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog? What blog?

I swear, sometimes I think my mind takes a vacation on me! This past week (since last Friday) has been pretty stressful and my blog completely slipped my mind. Completely!!

On Friday, at 3:36 (when school is releasing for the day), I get a call from school. As soon as I see Boad of Education on my caller ID, I cringe. But I figured it was just another automated message because school was letting out so what could be the problem? had just taken the assistant principal that long to get to me. Kidlet had gotten into an altercation with another boy in the gym during PE. He was being suspsended for 4 days AND was CHARGED with disorderly conduct. He'll have a juvenile court appearance in a few weeks. The other boy was charged with disordly conduct and assault.

I'm not complaining about the punishment, I think it was deserved and I hope the trip to court, and subsequent community service will be a wake-up call to kidlet that he needs to keep his mouth shut and not always engage when being picked on. I know, hard to do. But he needs to learn.

To top that off, on Saturday my oldest calls and says, "I need to talk to you about a few things." Oh shit! That's my initial reaction. Always! To that statement. It turns out not to be too bad, and I think he's making progress in getting his life togerher, albeit slowly. It's like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But a friend of mine said her son was still sidestepping so I'll take the slow forward progression. :)

Anyway, with having kidlet home this week, and having to constantly supervise and keep him working his little tail off so he doesn't get the impression this is a vacation, I completely forgot about my blog. I already had Mon. - Wed. set, so I didn't have to think about getting them together. But not todays. *sigh*

So what's going on in everyone else's life? Lu, you want to share about the ladies? Liza, how's the training going (I'm so impressed with your efforts!!!). Silver? Paula? Janet? Anyone else who visits but doesn't comment?

Someone share some good news with me please? LOL

Have a great, fantastic Thursday!!!
Peace and love,


Lu said...

I'd love to comment about "the ladies". Stop me when you get sick of hearing about their every move LOL.

For anyone who doesn't know, "the ladies" are six Rhode Island Red day-old chicks we got yesterday. OMG CUTE!

They all survived the first night, phew, and are very active. Eating, drinking, sleeping and pooping take up most of their day. All accompanied, except perhaps for the sleeping, by tiny little peeps. OMG CUTE!!!

There's one chick who seems to have a lot to say, at a greater than average volume, and I've named her Chatty Cathy. Yes, like the doll. Of which I had one. Until Janice (you know who you are!) pulled the string too hard and broke Cathy's voice. Yes, I'm still bitter.

The cats were very interested when the ladies first came into the house, but now they're totally bored. Probably because the chicks are safely housed in a large lizard terrarium, and can't be played with, hehe.

Alannah Lynne said... all the talks we've had about the ladies I think I missed a HUGE step. You hatched them?!? I thought they arrived via UPS already born. Is that not right?

Holy cow..that is so cool!!!!

Peep Peep Peep

Liza said...

My training is going well. I have a group run tonight and we are up to running 2.5 minutes and walking 2 minutes. You wouldn't think an additional 30 seconds would be much, but by the 4th or 5th interval I'm pretty much dead. My training schedule for the week is run/walk on Thur, Sat, Tues, walk on Sunday, cross train on Fri and Wed and take Monday off. I've done pretty well with keeping up the schedule, but did miss 2 runs due to really bad thunderstorms. I'll run in rain, but not thunderstorms.

Janet said...

I was wondering how your 'chicks' were doing, Lu - they sound adorable! When do you send them out into the big bad world of the Coop? And remind me again - are you going to be eating their eggs or them (and will you be able to eat them after you've bonded and given them all names)?

Sorry your week is not going well, Alannah. I'd love to share news with you, but I've got nothing. Oh, I'm attending my first webinar this afternoon - should be interesting.

Liza - I must have missed something - you're training for a marathon? Which one? Good luck - and I don't blame you for not running in thunderstorms!

Lu said...

The ladies arrived already hatched. THey were delivered to our local post office, and our local feed store picked them up. They were in large boxes, stacked 4-5 deep. Amazing, really. I took a shoe box to the store, got my six chicks and brought them home. One of the women at the store said they sell approx 1500 chicks every spring, and another 800 other things, like ducks, turkeys, pheasants. This year they were all delivered on the same day!

Silver James said...

I'm running way slow today! Instead of doing everything I needed to, I spent the afternoon playing with Slide, a site to build slide shows. I have one for my books now. :D It's posted sans music to my Live Journal account, and I twittered the link to it, with music. I think it's kind cool.

Lu, good luck with the chicks!

Alannah, I hope the offspring get back on track. Hang in there!

Janet, I haven't replied to your post. I'll get there eventually.

Liza, I'm proud of you! The past couple of days, I've been doing a mile a day on the gazelle. My knees are telling me all about it!

And that's it for me. LOL

Liza said...

I'm actually training for my first 5K right now. After I ran with my training group tonight, in the pouring rain, we were all talking about training for a 1/2 marathon for September. Still thinking on that one right now.

Alannah Lynne said...

Hi Janet!!! *Pounces with hug* It's good to see you!!

Woo-hoo on the slide show, Silver. I'll have to bounce around to your sites and find it.

I'm still waiting on Son #1 to get me the music for my video for Savin' Me. He's been telling me for a week and a half that he has it ready that he just has to e-mail it to me. But I'm beginning to think that might not be the whole truth. LOL

Liza - I really admire your enthusiasm and dedication. I've been determined to get back into shape by walking, but I manage to get out there and do it about once every other week. It doesn't even cross my mind if it's raining! :(

Let us know if you decide to do the 1/2 marathon so we can cheer you on!!

Janet said...

Hey, Lu - nice pics of the "Ladies" up on your blog :)

Way to go, Liza. Please keep us up date - I exercise vicariously though others and if you're planning a 1/2 marathon, well, I need to be ready ;)

Thanks, Alannah - be assured, I read your blog every day :)

Oops, wrong google account - oh well, it's late, I'm not changing it now.