Friday, October 30, 2009

What I'm Reading...

Le sigh....LOL

Bet you know what's coming, don't ya?

I've tried to be good...and I have been for a couple of weeks. But now, I'm back into the Troubleshooter's series. This is Max and Gina's story and one that I've wanted to read for a while. Gina is so much fun. Although Suzanne Brockmann has said she was the least well-behaved character she's written. She couldn't get her to co-operate in any way, and in reading this book, I believe it!

Here's the deats:

Cover Blurb: "Uncommon valor in the line of duty and unconditional devotion in the name of love are the salient qualities of the daring men and women who risk it all in the heart-pounding thrillers of New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Brockmann. Crafted with precision and power, her characters come alive with a depth of emotion few writers have achieved. Now, with Breaking Point, Brockmann breaks even further through the pack and delivers a stunning payload.

As commander of the nation’s most elite FBI counterterrorism unit, agent Max Bhagat leads by hard-driving example: pushing himself to the limit and beyond, taking no excuses, and putting absolutely nothing ahead of his work. That includes his deep feelings for Gina Vitagliano, the woman who won his admiration and his heart with her courage under fire. But when the shocking news reaches him that Gina has been killed in a terrorist bombing, nothing can keep Max from making a full investigation—and retribution—his top priority.

At the scene of the attack, however, Max gets an even bigger shock. Gina is still very much alive—but facing a fate even worse than death. Along with Molly Anderson, a fellow overseas relief worker, Gina has fallen into the hands of a killer who is bent on using both women to bait a deadly trap. His quarry? Grady Morant, a.k.a “Jones,” a notorious ex-Special Forces operative turned smuggler who made some very deadly enemies in the jungles of Southeast Asia . . . and has been running ever since. But with Molly’s life on the line, Jones is willing to forfeit his own to save the woman he loves.

Together with Max's top agent Jules Cassidy as their only backup, the unlikely allies plunge into a global hot zone of violence and corruption to make a deal with the devil. Not even Jones knows which ghosts from his past want him dead. But there's one thing he's sure of--there's very little his bloodthirsty enemies aren't willing to do.

Count on the intense action and raw honesty that Suzanne Brockmann consistently delivers, as she goes for broke in Breaking Point--and never looks back."

I hope it's a spooktacular weekend for everyone!!!

Happy Halloween!


Lu said...

Wow, that sounds amazing. I don't blame you for wanting to read that one.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Liza said...

When I find a series with lots of books I haven't read, I do the same thing. I'll read pretty much everything in the series before going to other books. I did it with Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series a couple of years ago.

I finished up Covet the other night(really liked it) and started Bite Me(YA book) by Melissa Francis.

Silver James said...

SOUL MAGIC - Jennifer Lyons. And there's a B-witch in the book. Named Silver. *bwahahaha* No relation. LOLOLO!

Love Jen's books.

Silver James said...

LOLOL! I just had to comment again! The spam word for this one? WHANGS!

Sorry. I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments...