Thursday, December 3, 2009


Guess what I forgot to do today? hehe

Hubby had an early morning appointment at Duke and I had to be ready to leave my house at 6:30 - that's criminal in my book. At some point during the morning, I realized I hadn't posted my blog for today.

While I'm waiting for the second appointment, I thought I'd post my explanation and the good news from the first appointment. This second appointment is a follow-up with the seizure specialist, just to follow-up on meds, etc. The agonizing, stressful, nail-biting appointment is already over and...The MRI shows everything is still stable and looking good!! Woo-hooo!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with what I'm reading.

Hope it's been a great day for everyone!!
Peace and love,


Silver James said...

Oh, Alannah! That's marvelous news! Still sending prayers to you and DH. Ya'll celebrate tonight, hear!?!

Liza said...

Woohoo on your great news, Alannah! Sounds like all the prayers are working. I'm with Silver, y'all need to celebrate your news tonight.

Janet said...

Wonderful news, Alannah. We'll forgive you if you're late with tomorrow's post - wink, wink, nudge, nudge :)