Friday, December 11, 2009

What I'm Reading...

Jacket Blurb:

Badly shaken after the loss of one of their own, the men and women of Troubleshooters Inc. go up against their most deadly opponents yet —- the clandestine organization called The Agency. Blackmail, extortion, murder: The Agency's black-ops sector will apparently stop at nothing to achieve their objective. But this time they've gone too far and hit too close to home.

Led by former Navy SEAL Lawrence Decker, a team of investigators —- from FBI agent Jules Cassidy and former CIA operative Dave Malkoff, to Troubleshooters Sophia Ghaffari, Tess Bailey, and even receptionist Tracy Shapiro —- band together to uncover the truth, and bring the killers to justice.

But the stakes are raised even higher when Decker barely escapes an attempt on his life. It soon becomes clear that the hunters have become the hunted —- and the Troubleshooters are no longer just solving a crime -— they're fighting for survival.

Only one more left to read and I'll be caught up in the series. She's currently writing Izzy's story (I LOOOOVEEE!! Izzy) and then she's taking a hiatus from the series and working on another series. That's both good news and bad news because maybe I'll finally be able to stop my obsession with these people more Troubleshooters???!!!

Check back later today for a special preview of the new book trailer for Reaction Time. Even though it's an old release, I decided to do a video for it and I'm so glad I did. Marly Mathews did it for me (and I was able to use music that was written and performed by Son #1). Marly did an amazing job and I absolutely love it. I can't wait for you guys to see it and to hear what you think.

Have a great weekend!!
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