Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation Time

As y'all know, we took the boys to Myrtle Beach last week. What a crazy, wild adventure. I wonder what the police hate worse: Summer vacationers or Bike Week?

I thought I'd share a few pictures. And if you don't care, humor me and pretend like you do. LOL This is like one of those times you visited a relative and they broke out the old home movies!

These first few were from Ripley's Aquarium. They had a ton of cool stuff to see but it was hard to get good pictures because it was so dark. And I felt like the flash was intrusive on the other people trying to look around so I didn't take that many pictures with the flash.

They had a huge sting ray tank and you could lay down on your stomach, reach over into the tank and pet them as the swam past you. You could also "buy time" in the tank. They let you put on a wetsuit and sit in the tank with one of the employees when he was feeding them.

One of the coolest features was the moving "sidewalk" that took you through, and under, a huge acquarium. It had everything in it. I tried to get some pictures of the sharks, but again, it was too dark for them to come out good. The saw fish fascinated me so I got a few pictures of them. They can grow up to 15' long!

One night, we had dinner at Medieval Times. We got to cheer for the Green Knight - same as last time we went. The last time we were there the Green Knight won. This time, he didn't win. And he didn't play fair either - which was distressing to me and I found myself cheering against him in the end. That caused familial turmoil because my family was still cheering for him.

This is from Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Jim Cantore broke onto the large screen TV and gave a hurricane warning. The lights started flashing and then this HUGE bottle of tequila dropped down from the center of the hurricane and started pouring into the giant mixer below. It was a blast to eat there!

These are my guys (plus a friend that my youngest son met at our hotel) racing down the water slide. I think some one got an unfair headstart. LOL

And last, but not least, the guy that kept me totally fascintad while my family was parasailing. I don't know what it was about this guy, but I found I couldn't take my (or camera) off him. And wouldn't you know it, I don't have a single shot of him that's really good. I was so disappointed, but....

We're going back in September and I know my dad is going to want to go parasailing. I'm planning on going to this same place, and pray this guy is still working!! If he hasn't had to go back to school by then. ROTFL

And that's my vacation in pictures. Thanks for taking the time to look at them.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!
Peace and Love,

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Liza said...

Looks and sounds like y'all had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.