Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 15th Anniversary to Us!!!

Damn, we were sooooo young!!! This has always been my favorite picture. And you know what, I'm the most fortunate person in the world because after 15 years, he still looks at me like that.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!
Peace and Love,


Janet C. said...

Awww - you guys look so cute - and in love! Happy Anniversary. And many, many more.

Liza said...

Awww- Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 15 years!

Silver James said...

May you have many more and always feel the love, anticipation, and excitement in your heart at the moment you first said, "I do."


Alannah Lynne said...

Thanks y'all. This morning I wrapped my arms around him while he was eating his cereal, leaned over and whispered in his ear...."by the way..." I could tell he was thoroughly confused so I said, "Look at your watch."

Next thing I know he's blindly staring at his watch trying to figure out what I'm talking about. LOL I finally said, "look at the date."

The big light-bulb came on, eyes popped wide and he laughed, "Happy Anniversary!"

Good thing I'm not one of those wives who get pissed off for their husbands forgetting their anniversary because he seems to do it about every 5 years.

Right now, we're at our river cottage with my parents, both of our boys and my aunt, uncle and cousin. We're having a good time and it was fun that it all worked out that they are here to help us celebrate. It's like our wedding day all over again, family and chaos everywhere!

Lu said...

congraulations!!! And here's to 15 more, at least!