Thursday, February 12, 2009

Purple Prose Thursday - Auto

Well, once again, I have no story to get us started. But we do have a theme!

Auto/Car/Garage/Dip get the picture.

Cara had an interesting experience last weekend when she took her car in for a new tire. The "dipstick" (her term, not mine) that was working the counter tried to sell her four new tires, a new batter, brake fluid and...something else, I think. Her comment to him was priceless and I'm not even going to try to remember (hopefully, she'll post it).

Her experience, in conjunction with my being in Daytona for Speedweeks, sparked the idea for this weeks theme.

I won't be back to the computer until late Thursday evening. But I hope you guys have a good time with this week's theme.

Have a fantastic day!!
Peace and Love,


Jodie W. said...

Cara saves the day!! I had a chance to check e-mail this morning and Cara sent us the following story. Thanks Cara!!!!

Chassie beamed a grin at the sexy hunk in the navy blue jumper. She'd always been a sucker for a hard working man, and the grease stained hands and scent of oil definitely had this guy pegged as her type of guy.

"Hi, mam. What can I do for ya?"

She opened the door to her two seater sports car and leaned against the hood. "I'm afraid I may need some help with my fluids. They don't seem to be working correctly."

The man's eyes blazed down her body. Shudders of awareness and anticipation slid down her insides and fueled her engines with the need to rev up. All systems were go, and she was ready to take this stranger around the block a time or two.

His voice was a husky whisper as he wiped his hands. "That could be a serious problem. It's a good thing you came to a professional to help you out."

Chassie trailed her manicured nail down the front of his suit. "What's your name?"

"Friends call me Diesel."

The name suited him. He was fiery, energetic and exactly the additive she needed to jump into first gear. "Well, I don't let just anyone touch my fluids you know."

He chuckled and leaned down. "I hope you at least know enough to handle a dipstick."

OMG!! Cara, that is awesome!!! Thanks so much for getting us started. Y'all have a great day and hopefully I can check back tonight.

I'm having a really hard time with internet, but my Dad's able to connect so I'm using his computer when I can.

Silver James said...

Way to go, Cara! I'll see if I can't add to it:

She chuckled, the sound a low purring roar like the engines of a well-tuned Lamborghini. "I've been known to shift on the fly," she murmured.

Diesel grinned at her as he stepped closer. He ran his hands over her hood, his callused palms cupping her headlights. His hand dipped lower, checking her oil levels. "I think you're due for an oil change, ma'am," he whispered. "And a lube job."

Chassie shivered. Should she slam on the brakes or was this the man to finally take her on a test drive?

Gotta get back to work now. I'll try to pop in later to add some more.

Cara Carnes said...

LOL Loved it Penny!!!!!

I hope you have a blast at the race, Alannah. All those revving engines. Vroom Vroom!!