Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Heaping Helping of Box Sets, Batman!!!

iBooks is doing a special promotion on multi-author collaborations. All multi-author box sets are only $.99!!!

The promotion is only going to last until Mid-October, so don't wait too long to check out the amazing selection!

Here is the link to take you to the main page of collaborations.

And here's the link to take you to the bestselling Sinfully Sweet box set that I'm a part of. :-)

Sinfully Sweet - which includes 6 full-length novels from Janelle Denison, Leslie Kelly, Marquita Valentine, Rhonda Nelson, Carly Phillips, and moi, will only be available through October 14th, so grab your copy today!!

It's rainy and dreary here in Myrtle Beach. I hope it's bright and sunny where ever you are! Whatever the whether, have a great day!!

Peace and love,

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