Friday, August 13, 2010

What I'm Reading...

Here's the deets from Lois Greiman's website:

A homicide detective Jack Rivera has a killer body, a wicked smile, and a velvet touch. Just ask Christina McMullen. The cocktail-waitress-turned-psychologist has handled obsessed patients, love-struck drunks, and her own guilt-tripping mother with aplomb. But when it comes to the lieutenant, Chrissy has an old-fashioned case of irresistible attraction—until things turn fatal when Rivera is accused of murder!

Not only was Rivera found unconscious next to a dead woman, but the victim was his beautiful ex-girlfriend—who left Rivera for his wealthy dad. Chrissy detects a few father-and-son issues—along with plenty of evidence that her would-be boyfriend is guilty. But when she starts looking into the dead woman’s past, a rich senator’s connections, and Rivera’s relationship with his mother, will she discover there’s hope for her and Rivera after all? Or will her curiosity have deadly consequences?

I read the first two in this series years ago, and have just now gotten back to it. They're great fun,, and if you like the Stephanie Plum series, I think you'd like these. The voice is similar (very similar, imo) and the characters are fantastic.

I hope you have a fantastic day and a great weekend!!! Oh, and don't forget to watch the night sky for the meteor shower (midnight until sunrise is supposed to be the best time).

Peace and love,


Liza said...

I'm reading an ARC of JK Beck's When Blood Calls. I got it at RWA and want to get a post up about it before the 8/31 release date. Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend. Really like it, but haven't had much time to read lately.

Silver James said...

Nooooo! I don't need any more books on my waiting list but dang, this one sounds like fun! *sigh*

I'm reading...Leslie's COLD SIGHT and Carly's KISS ME IF YOU CAN. (Just started it.)

Alannah Lynne said...

Sorry I didn't comment back earlier...

Liza, I'll be interested to see what you think. The title is...interesting. LOL

LOL, sorry Silver. But these books are great fun. I highly recommend them. :)