Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's Happening?

Once again, I got nothing. So, I thought I'd do a "this is what's going on with me, how about you" type of thing.

First - as I was getting ready to type this, a bald eagle flew over my house. We see them several times a year, but I never tire of it. Hubby was mowing one day and saw one swoop down into the pond and snatch up a fish. That would have been cool!!

LOL...change of blog topic. I'm so ADD. As I was beginning to type, he came back. Apparently, he had food on the side of the pond (On my in in-laws side, so my pics are taken from almost 1/4 mile away). He was there about 10-15 minutes, until the stupid geese ganged up on him and scared him away.

While I was trying to get really good pics of him, one of my beloved fox squirrels strolled past. We've always had a few, but last year, the neighbors dog got hold of one and killed her. We could tell she had babies, and when we found the nest we were crushed to realize there was nothing we could do to help them. It was 60' in the air!!!

Fortunately, the they were old enough to survive, and a few weeks later we started seeing a black one with a white nose and a very small white tip on it's tail. He even climbed up on my window sill one morning and looked in the window at me. The one in this picture, is one of his siblings that survived. And now, we have more small ones that we've seen running along the edge of the woods.

And, last but not least, we had more baby ducks. I haven't seen them since I snapped this picture, and I hope it's because the mama kept them at another pond, not because something happened to them.

Watching her move them across our property, to the pond on the adjoining piece of property was very enlightening. It also explains why we have a bazillion geese, and very few ducks. When the geese have gosslings, both parents raise them (geese mate for life). When the move from one pond to another, they move in groups, so there will be three or four sets of parents with all the babies. AND, there are two other geese that guard the back of the flock.

This poor mama duck was all on her own.

I also saw two hummingbirds collide - they crack me up. And, as soon as I walked out to the kitchen this morning, Hoover (my baby bunny) ran past my door. Hubby thought it would be fun to get a rise out of me and ask me if I thought the eagle was eating the bunny. I emphatically informed him the eagle was eating a fish!

On the writing front, I'm just a little behind schedule on the story I've been writing to enter the Brava Writing with the Stars contest. I should finish my paper edits tomorrow, and then I can retype the edits in and finish writing the story. I have six days until the contest opens, and I think I can make it.

I think I can. I think I can. I...will!!!!!

So what's going on with you?

Sending tons of peace and love on this Thursday!!


Lu said...

Great pictures!

You tell hubby there's no way the eagle would be eating Hoover. It wouldn't dare! Eagles prefer sushi.

Liza said...

Great pictures. I have one of my last group runs with my training group tonight. Hoping we get a little bit of relief from the heat before 6:30. Have a baby shower for my cousin on Sunday. Should be able to see most of my family there, so I'm pretty excited(side of the family I like).

Hope Hoover is okay.

Alannah Lynne said...

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled at 6:30 tomorrow morning, that's when Hoover is usually eating his breakfast. Although, there's actually 2 Hoovers, so unless I see them together, I guess I won't really know. But I'm keeping a positive attitude about the whole thing!! LOL

I hope you get some relief from the heat too, Liza. Kidlet is supposed to be going to cross-country practive every night at 7:00, but we've been under a heat advisory every day this week - through 7:00 - so I haven't been making him go.

He works outside all day, and I'm afraid running in the heat will just be too much for him. But I am going to make him run on the treadmill at the in-laws house.

Have a great time at the baby shower. I laughed at the "side of the family I like." I completely understand that sentiment!!!

Silver James said...

I'm late getting around today! Wonderful pictures. Eagles prefer fishing, though squirrels and bunnies can be on the menu.

I'm doing a meticulous edit of SEASON OF THE WITCH this week. I sent off the requested proposals for it to agent and editor and want it ship-shape when/if they request a full. I also have a request for a full but it needs smoothing out before I send to that editor.

It's been hot here. Ugly hot. Lots of time under the AC for me, the lolcat, and the fuzzypups. We watch the wild critters (squirrels and birds) from my office windows where the fan blows constantly. Works for me!

Happy almost weekend!

Alannah Lynne said...

Dang, Silver, that is awesome news!!! Keep us posted, and let us know when you get the good news!

My desk is shoved into a corner with windows on either side, so I spend a lot of time looking out the window. About an hour ago, the eagle came back. Well, I assume it was the same pne. It would be awesome if he decided one of our trees made a great home!

Fingers crossed for further good news soon, Silver!!

Paula R said...

Hey Alannah, those pics are awesome. I wish I could see what you see. It sounds so cool to see all these animals. I LOVE bald eagles. So, it looks like a lot of things are happening for you. You will be fine with the writing, and I believe you will make the deadline. I was considering entering that contest, but I completely forgot about it. If I get my book written by the time it opens, I will defo try to enter.

Peace and love,
Paula R.