Friday, June 11, 2010

What's Everyone Reading?

I've finished with the first 3 books in Larissa Ione's Demonica series, and I'm so relieved!! LOL I loved those books and had a really tough time putting them down.

That caused me problems, because I was having a tough time getting my own writing done. And I'm on a really tight deadline, if I want to get this story ready in time to enter it in Brava's Writing With the Stars Contest.

So what's everyone else reading?

We're off to the river for the weekend. Today is kidlet's 15th birthday and we're going to celebrate. For the past year, he's planned on driving us to the river. However, the driving school didn't call until tonight to schedule his three days of driving, so it's going to be another week before he gets his permit. :( He's not happy, but there's nothing that can be done until he does his driving time.

I hope it's a great weekend for everyone!!

Peace and love,


Liza said...

Have fun at the river this weekend. I'm currently reading Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr. Paula suggested her books to me and I really like this book. It is the first book in her Grace Valley trilogy.

Silver James said...

I'm reading Lucienne Diver's YA VAMPED. It's pretty funny. Her heroine is a high school fashionista turned vampire. While I'm not a big fan of YA, this one is worth the read.

Have a great weekend! Happy B-day to youngest. I'm getting my hair chopped off tomorrow and can't wait!

Paula R said...

Hey Alanna, congrats on finishing the Demonica books, at least the first three. Have fun at the river, and tell youngest "happy bday" for me.

I am reading Leslie Kelly's Harlequin Showcase books. I am on Naturally Naughty, and I am loving it. I am also reading Along Came a Husband by Helen Brenna, and finishing up Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr. I have been dragging MR out because I don't want to leave Virgin River.

Liza, I am glad you are liking the Grace Valley series. I read them after I got through the first three Virgin River books. I love Robyn's characters.

Silver, I sooooo looovvveee the game we are playing on your blog today. I can't wait to see the end result. You know what...picked up Lover Mine to find a quote, and found myself getting lost in the story again. Had to close it or I would get nothing done today.

Peace and love,
Paula R.