Thursday, March 11, 2010

iPod - My Victor Playlist

We have a friend (a guy my husband grew up with) who plays at local bars and restaurants. He used to only play at the bars downtown and never started before 11:00 pm. Thank goodness he's aged along with us, and now he mostly plays at restaurants with bars, and he usually starts around 8:00 pm! LOL A lot of that has to do with the fact that he has kids now and he can't sleep the entire next day away.

Victor has a wide and varied playlist but these three songs are my absolute favorites. He's made them his own, and everyone loves to sing along with him. Especially the last one!!!

Never Been to Spain by 3 Dog Night - Victor rocks this out much more than they do, but this version is great too! It was especially fun when my friend, Lee, was visiting and we went to hear Victor. Lee was born in Arizona, not Oklahoma, and it DID matter! LOL

Otis Redding - Sittin' On The Dock of a Bay

And one of the most fun moments of the night come with this song. Usually it's later. Usually everyone has had a fair amount to drink. And ALWAYS I sing as loud as I can!! LOL Please feel free to sing along from where ever you are. Bring your co-workers over to your office and all of ya'all - scream like a witch!!

Marie Laveau - Bobby Bare

I hope you've enjoyed my Victor Playlist!!!

Have a fabulous day!

Peace and love,

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Janet said...

Knew the first two, but the third one was a big ole' question mark - until I hit play. Oh, yeah, now I remember.

The dog didn't like my screaming :)