Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slice of life and food for thought....

We were at the river yesterday with lots of hubby's family: His uncle (from Birmingham), his cousin (and his wife and two kids from Houston), his parents and our nephew.

When we woke up yesterday morning, the wind was calm and so was the water. I guess I should explain that the river is 3 miles wide where our cottage is - we're close to the Pamlico Sound so the river widens drastically.

Anyway, my kidlet wanted to wake board while the water was smooth. Next thing we know, everyone is in the water. My hubby and Kidlet are wake boarding, cousin Jamie from Houston wake boards. Not to be outdone by his wife - and despite his back surgery - cousin Marc goes wake boarding and shows them all how its done. Big time!!!

Then little cousin Parker (4 years old) tries to learn to water ski and is able to get up on them with just a few tries.

And in between all these people, nephew Andrew (15 years old) tries and tries and tries and then, tries some more, to get up on the wake board. I was so impressed with his tenacity and his willingness to just keep trying. And there were even jelly fish in that water!! My kidlet fell on one and got stung right on the face. And yet, Andrew kept trying. He never did get up on the board.

On the way home I started thinking about his tenacity and I told him how impressed I was with him and willingness to just keep at it. He said, "It's kind of sad, considering how many times I tried, that I never got up."

"No, it's awesome that you were willing to keep at it." And then I told him the following saying.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time."

Thomas Edison
1847-1931, Inventor and Entrepreneur

It's kind of like writing. And next time I'm tempted to quit, or question whether or not it's really worth it. Or wonder if I'll ever "make it" I'm going to remind myself of Andrew trying to get up on that wake board.

I hope it's a fantastic day for everyone!!!
Peace and love,

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Liza said...

Awesome quote! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.