Thursday, December 4, 2008


For Thesaurus Thursday I thought "excited" might be a good word to us. It can mean so many different things. My son yesterday said he was "excited" about Christmas (if he knew we still don't have a clue what we're getting him for Christmas he might be less excited! lol).

I have a project that I'm working on that I'm very "excited" about. And, of course, "excited" in romance novels means something else entirely. Here's what my trusty Synonym Finder has to say about it.

1. agitated, aroused, inflamed, keyed-up, high-strung, temperamental, feverish, overwrought, wound-up, worked-up, stirred-up, whipped-up (sounds like some one's cooking), beside oneself, hot and bothered, hot under the collar, hopped-up, disturbed, perturbed, upset, discomposed, disconcerted, distracted, ruffled, flustered, fluttered; nervous, edgy, apprehensive, tense, uneasy, restless, restive, fidgety, skittish, frantic, frenzied, wild, seething, maddened, crazed, delirious, hysterical.

2. impassioned, fervid, fervent, ardent, zealous, vehement, fiery, red-hot, hot, eager, enthusiastic, enthused, elated, intoxicated, ebullient, stimulated, turned-on, invigorated, motivated, inspired

3. angry, incensed, vexed, exasperated, furious, outraged, blustering, foaming, fuming, raging, flaming, irritated, annoyed, aggravated, hectored, nettled, plagued

4. brisk, active, lively, animated, energetic, spry, dynamic, busy, spirited, bustling, smart, snappy, peppy, frisky, stormy, tumultuous, turbulent, volcanic, explosive

Wow...if I'd looked at the thesaurus first I might have picked a different word (one with a whole lot less synonyms!).

Have a great Thursday!
Peace and Love,

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