Monday, September 15, 2008

National Body Challenge Update

Ugh....that's all I know to say! lol

I'm in Myrtle Beach on vacation and eating has been a top priority since I arrived last night. We had dinner at a New York Steak House and between the shrimp cocktail, filet mignon and 1 lb. baked potato that I split with hubby I was miserable when I finished.

Then for lunch today we went to Johnny Rockets - hot dog and Oreo milkshake!! OMG - how many calories there must have been in that meal.

I decided for dinner I was just going to get a salad. Really, I'm still full from dinner last night and lunch today, I have no room. Unfortunately, they have no salads at Thoroughbreads. So.....shrimp cocktail, prime rib, mashed potatoes. I brought at least half of the steak and potatoes back to the hotel with me. I think I hear them calling my name.

Tomorrow we move from our hotel to my uncles condo. I was there today...I saw the chips and cookies and mounds of junk food piled high on the counter. I'm going to be a freaking whale when I leave here...maybe I should walk home.

Please tell me you guys are doing better than me!!!! Paula, welcome back to the jungle, glad to hear you're doing better!

Make it a wonderful day, everyone!


Paula said...

Hey Alannah, thanks for the welcome back...I am not doing much better than you in the eating department...I have been getting a lot more exercise now though...BUT eating like a pig is not doing me any good...I can't tell you how many ice cream desserts I have eaten since I got back...

I think that being in Korea was much better for my eating habits...see you in the jungle...

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Alannah Lynne said...

I got braces in January, a year ago. My whole face hurt and I was absolutely certain I would lose a ton of weight because I couldn't eat anything. The only cream went down waaayyy too easy! I ended up eating ice cream for every meal! lol