Friday, September 12, 2008

B&N will never be the same

Anyone who knows me knows I can't go past Barnes and Noble without stopping. It's an addiction of sorts, and I truly have to force myself to not stop if I'm in that shopping center.

Today I had needed (notice I didn't say wanted, I needed to go to B&N) to get the book, The Answer. I have it on audio book, it's phenomenal and I want my husband to read it. I'll never, ever get him to sit down for 6 hours and listen to the tape, but if I have the book available I might be able to get him to read a snippet here and there. But I digress.....

I picked hubby up for lunch, we ate our sandwiches, and then I ran to B&N. He sat in the car while I ran inside. I was in there less than 5 minutes (because he was waiting I couldn't wander and check out all the new releases) and then I ran back to the car.

As I got in the car hubby says, "Look at that vehicle."

"What vehicle?"

"That white Expedition next to you." (there was actually an empty space between it and my car)

I look over at the Expedition and it's rocking. I mean ROCKING! I started laughing and said, "Maybe they're listening to Sweet Home Alabama and jamming like you were."

He gets this you've-got-to-be-kidding-me-look and says, "Uh, no. There's something going on in that vehicle."

I laugh it off and since the parking space in front of me was open decided I'd pull straight through. That way we could look into the front seat of the Expedition and he could see the people singing and dancing. OMG!

They had a sun screen over the front windshield and there was nobody visible. But that baby was still rocking! We both burst out laughing and hubby says, "Now that's a lunch hour!"

Who the hell goes parking at B&N in the middle of the day and parks that close to the store? And the worst part is, I'll never go to B&N again without thinking of that Expedition getting its groove on.

Hope it was as good for them as the laugh we got out of it was for us!!


Cara Carnes said...

ROFL!!!! Oh that is too funny. You so have to put that in a book somewhere. Seriously.

Hehe... thanks for sharing!

Lu said...

ROFL!!!! Fantastic!!
thank god for the sunscreen, otherwise TMI

I wonder if this happens only at B&N or does it happen at Borders too? LOL


Alannah Lynne said...

Lu, you crack me up!!

PattiF said...

That was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liza said...

ROFL! I would have to think twice about returning to that B&N in the daytime...