Friday, October 15, 2010


There had been some question as to whether or not we could post an excerpt from our contest entry. The powers that be have said we can, so here is the scene where my characters realize they're on opposite sides of the fence. It's the same excerpt that was posted on Mia Marlowe's blog earlier this week, so if you popped over there, you've already seen it. I'll see if I can do another excerpt next week.

Excerpt from LAST CAL:

“I’m looking for A. L. Black.”

Sunny narrowed her eyes on him like he was a bug that needed squashed. “Why?”

He took a step closer. “I work for Holden Enterprises. We...Max Holden is interested in buying this property. All of his phone calls have gone unreturned, so he sent me to find the owner.”

In the blink of an eye, her demeanor shifted from guarded to combative. Her pupils narrowed to pinpoints. Her lips compressed around the sucker stick, and the rapid rise and fall of her chest had him a concerned she might hyperventilate.

In response to her anger, Gavin’s heart rate picked up, and sweat broke out on his forehead. He didn’t like upsetting Sunny. But her fiery passion, even in the form of anger, cranked his libido into orbit.

“The property isn’t for sale.”

He really wanted to loosen his tie, but that would send a clear signal he was hot and bothered, and it was imperative he gave nothing away. “Mr. Holden is willing to pay a generous sum. More than enough for…” He hesitated, wanting to refer to A.L. as “mister,” but knowing in his gut, he was staring straight into Ms. Black’s gunmetal gray eyes. “The amount would be more than enough to purchase another building, and move the bar to that location.”

Sunny stepped down to the floor and stalked toward him, stopping only when they were toe to toe. Her head barely reached his neck, so she had to crane her neck back to look him in the eye.

But the size difference didn’t matter to her.

She threw her shoulders back, and glared with unyielding determination. “You can tell Mr. Holden this property isn’t, nor will it ever be, for sale. Regardless of his generous amount.”

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Silver James said...

Gavin and Sunny are so...volatile. LOLOL! I really hope yo go all the way with this contest! Fingers crossed. :D

Alannah Lynne said...

They definitely fit the "fiery passion" part of my tagline. LOL

Thanks!!! Huge hugs!

Liza said...

I want more!!! Can we vote more than once in the contest? I voted from my home computer, and wasn't sure if you are limited to only one vote. Good luck!

Alannah Lynne said...

Thanks, Liza!!! Those are magical words my ears. :)

As for the voting...LOL I've only been able to vote once from my house, it won't even take me to the voting options. But I've heard of others who have been able to go back in and vote more than once. I don't know if they're counting them or not. LOL