Monday, October 6, 2008

Update on life.....

I can't believe I haven't updated in weeks. Life gets going and sometimes its hard to keep up. Unfortunately, blogging ends up at the bottom of the "to do" list.

But I have had some major revelations over the last few weeks and have made some changes to myself and my life. Those who know me well know the last year has been stressful. And over the last year I've done a phenomenal job of taking care of my family...LOL, if I do say so myself. But honestly, I think they would agree and my husband thanks me constantly for everything I do for him.

But I haven't done such a great job of taking care of me.

I realized the weight gain was just a symptom of how I've been treating myself (or not treating myself) and so I've decided to stop ignoring myself, do what I need to do to make myself feel better. And part of that is looking better.

I'd let my hair grow out until it was down to my waist. I decided it was time to get it cut. We started with a 10" swath (10" so that I could donate it to Locks of Love) and then she just kept cutting from there. It's now above my shoulders, long layers and with my natural curl its just a cute, kind of flirty look that I really like. I've received tons of sincere compliments on it, and of course, that makes me feel good.

I haven't gone overboard with the make-up thing, but I am trying to at least put on foundation and mascara in the mornings. steps, people, baby steps.

Just doing those simple things has made me feel better and it's the funniest thing. I realize I'm eating a lot less too. The late afternoon munchies aren't as troublesome as they used to be and when I do find that I absolutely have to eat something I'm fixing a small bag of popcorn and it holds me over until dinner.

It's gonna take a while but I'm feeling better and better about those thirty pounds coming off. Now, if I can just figure out how to get by without that Pepsi every morning!

Hope you're all doing well. Leave me a comment and let me know how things are going for all of you!!

Peace and Love


Liza said...

WTG Alannah! I think women tend to put themselves at the bottom of the list.

I had foot surgery 2 months ago and can finally go back to the gym tomorrow(I can't wait). I really didn't do well with watching what I ate while I've been recovering. It was so much easier to pick something up on the way home than to try and cook. Granted, I couldn't stand long at first, but in the last several weeks I've just been lazy.

I started doing much better this week. I've brought salads to eat with my meal for lunch and I'm eatting smaller meals at night.

Alannah Lynne said...

Having foot surgery would be the ultimate excuse for me not to cook! LOL

I think you're definitely excused for that reason. Good for you in getting back to the gym. Exercise is the next step I'm going to take...I'm thinking about it. I might actually do something about it...soon. LOL

Shelley Munro said...

Hi Alannah,

I'm just out blog hopping and came across your website. Good for you making changes. All the best with your upcoming release.