Monday, October 13, 2008

Good news!!!

I have some terrific news and I just had to share it! Actually, I have several pieces of good news.

The best is, hubby had an MRI last week and then his regular follow-up appointment at Duke. The PA and the doctor both said the MRI looked great and even hinted that there might be some regression of the tumor! Yippee!!!! Great, great news!

They said the fact that the seizures have stopped is another indication that the chemo tablets are working. The doctor also said a healthy immune system is the best thing that he can do for himself.

That led to a conversation about using organic milk/meat/cheese (because they don't contain any hormones or anti-biotics) and he confirmed that it is very important to avoid those things and that we're definitely on the right track by eating all organic. (Long story but I've often been laughed at for eating organic and told that it was a waste of money - I've been vindicated! LOL)

The second piece of good news is that I got the cover for my December release...It's so cool and I feel official now.

I've also been added to the "coming soon" pages at Samhain Publishing.

Does anyone else have any good news they'd like to share. I'd love to celebrate your good news with you, just let me know about it!

Peace and Love,


Arctic-mermaid said...
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Arctic-mermaid said...

Sorry, I rushed and had too many typos. I wanted to wish you well on your cancer treatments and to congratulate you on the upcoming release of your book! Excellent. I am working on a technical book to be published in May. I also have two first draft novels waiting in the wings for more attention. You are an inspiration. All the best.

Liza said...

Congrats on the great doctor's report for your husband and the upcoming release of your book! I love the cover.

Tina Martinesi said...

Wow, First awesome news about your husband! Second I love the cover!! Good things happen to good people!

Alannah Lynne said...

Hey, everyone. Thanks for helping me celebrate. It was definitely good news at the doctor and we're counting on it continuing.

As for the cover...I love it! I didn't even know they'd decided on it, for sure, until a friend saw it on the "coming soon" pages at Samhain. It was quite a squeee moment! LOL