Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's Play Musical Cars...

Things at my house are rarely easy. Events of this weekend, which are being finalized this morning, are a perfect example. Let me explain....

Nearly two years ago, my oldest son wrecked his car. He’d been at the hospital all night with a friend who was in an accident, and while driving home, he went to sleep and ran into a tree. The insurance company wasn’t happy (this was the 2nd car in less than a year), so he started driving my old, close-to-the-grave Explorer. Last fall, the Explorer went to the great Ford graveyard in the sky, so he’s been carless since.

This wasn’t a problem for his brother, because Son #2 loves to drive his dad’s F250. Most of the time, Dusty would borrow G’s car, which meant G was left driving his dad’s truck (which wasn’t a problem, because my husband couldn’t drive anyway, because of his seizures). When my husband was cleared to drive again back in December, everything changed.

Dusty (Son #1) had to drive my car (not nearly as cool as his brother’s Mustang), or hitch a ride with a friend. G got booted from the truck, and everything has kind of been in limbo since.

This past Friday, G drove to Greensboro to pick Dusty up, and on the way home, they hatched a master plan. G and his dad have been talking about trading cars for a few months. G really, REALLY wants a truck. We live in a rural area and all of his friends have trucks. Plus, he hunts a lot, so he ends up borrowing his dad’s truck a lot during hunting season, anyway.

Hubs would then take G’s car and trade it in on a smaller truck. We originally got the F250 to pull campers and boats, etc., but we so rarely use it for that, that if we need to, we could just borrow it back from G. We’ll let G worry about paying the gas and insurance on the monster – I’m thinking his love affair with Big Green is going to be short lived. :-D

Anyway... new plan.... Dusty will take G’s car, G will get his dad’s truck, and we’ll get Hubs something else. For me, it all comes out the same. We were going to have to help Dusty get a car anyway. We were going to trade the car in for something for Hubs anyway, so it all sort of makes sense. But this morning, we need to get inspections done on both vehicles, so we can transfer titles and tags. We need to get the insurance all straightened out. And THEY need to go to DMV and get all the titles switched around.

Notice I said THEY... no way am I spending half the day at DMV. I have work to do. Master Matthew (Master Lucas’s friend) is getting a little impatient with me to get him to his Happily Ever After, and I really don’t want to upset Master Matthew (or any Master for that matter! :D ).

So what about you? Do things get this complicated at your house? Can the simplest of things end up being a major ordeal? Or is this just a special talent that my family has?

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Much peace and love,

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Sue G. said...

At our house we have 3 vehicles for 4 drivers. One is a 2002 F-150. This truck has issues (has only 5 of 6 cylinders that it should have) and we will not be allowed to get new plates for it next year because of the problem unless we put in a new engine for $4000. Now daughter #2 only likes driving truck. She wants it fixed but can't pay for it. Daughter #3 gets her license in July and wants to keep the truck. Truck used to be hubby's but now he has new car...which the girls cannot drive. Next is my mini-van, which they all hate. Daughter #1 hates the truck and the van and only wants to drive the new car...right like we'd let a 20 yr old drive a brand new car! Hopefully in the fall when #1 and #2 will be at college, #3 will learn to drive whatever we have!

I remember I was thrilled just to be able to drive..I didn't care what it was! Spoiled brats! ;)

Alannah Lynne said...

Me too!! My first car was a '69 Chevy Chevelle (this was in '82). It was standard shift, and I had a real problem with the gears sticking. I would have to get out, raise the hood, raise the gear arm to get it to shift, then get back in. :D After that, I had a POS Malibu that overheated if I drove it for more than 20 minutes.

In fact, that car was broken into one Friday night at the high school. My ex had an idea who it was (this should've been a big clue to me that he was bad news. LOL), so he started making calls. Turns out, he knew exactly who it was. When they found out it was my car, they said, "What's a girl like her doing driving a piece of sh*t like that?" :D EVERYONE knew my car was a POS. LOL

But I was glad to have it and it got me where I needed to go. Son #1 bought his own cars, up until this last one. He's in a bind, so we're willing to help him out. Grandparents got Son #2 his car, and because it's impossible for me to play taxi driver to everyone, I had to relent and allow them to do it. Had I not been in a tough spot, I would've made Son #2 buy his own car too.

However, I think when he's fully responsible for the gas and insurance for that truck, his love affair might be over. :D

Angela Love said...

My first car was 84 ford LTD old sheriffs car could do 0-60 in no time flat I was a late driver being parents had had a few wrecks with us kids and I was terrified!!!