Sunday, February 17, 2013

Best of 2012

Hi everyone!!

I have some great news to share!! I'm hanging my head in shame that I haven't been here shouting about this before now.

Since Guilty Pleasures Book Reviewers read 1000+ books in 2012, they're having a hard time picking the best (I can only imagine)! They've compiled a list of their favorites for their readers to vote on, and I'm thrilled and honored to say that "Last Call" has been included in the Erotic Romance category!!

Voting ends today - 2/17/13 - so jump on over there and vote for you favorite in each category! Even if it's not me, show your favorite author some love by giving her your vote.

Also, I'll be doing a "Crossing Lines" excerpt tour this week (2/18-2/22). Each day will be a continuation of the previous day's excerpt, so by the time you get to Friday, you will have read an entire scene. There will be a giveaway each day, and all commenters from each day will be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the week - a set of signed books!!

I'll post the link here each day so you'll know where to find me, Kevin, and Sam that day.

I hope to see you guys at each stop along the way!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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